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Life force Qigong is a vibrant, life transforming system of Bio-Energetic Practice. It has been created through many years of research and study to produce a system designed to open, align and free the body and Bio - energetic meridian system and organs of residual tensions, deep trauma, stress related symptoms and disease, realigning the Core structure of the Body, strengthening the bones, Muscles and Fascia, and giving a integrated understanding of our own Life-Force Energy, through graceful flowing Qigong forms, Energetic meditations, Breath techniques and a Journey into the 5 Element System.


Qigong Training | Lifeforce Qigong


Qigong is an ancient practice that has it’s roots in China, India and the Western world. It’s very name ‘Qigong’ is a invitation into 2 qualities. 1. ‘Qi’, our Bio - Energetic System, our life energy and ‘Gong’, to practice and cultivate.

Everything in life has it’s foundations in Energy. When we connect and practice at the energetic level we enter into the very blueprint of who we are and how we function. Every pathogen and trauma, every breath we take has it’s roots in Energy.

So when we smooth out the flow of our Bio-energy, harmonise and balance our life-force, we cultivate a more refined way, with a deeper understanding to the way we live our lives.


The Life-Force Qigong System Certified Practitioner Training is an invitation to explore our total being towards an ever evolving personal growth and self - Understanding, offering a system for deep life Long personal Growth. This system restructures the very patterning of the tissues that create and support our physical body, Balance and Boost our Subtle Energy Body and realign us to the Deep truth and Direction of our Life's Potential.

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