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'5 Elements Qigong'


                                                           Module 2 Training

Takes us deeper into our understanding of Qigong using the 5 Elements System, Organ system and Meridians. Understanding through detailed lectures each of the meridians and organs and their qualities and how they interact. It is in the organs that the deepest deposits of Toxicity and old Trauma are held. With Qigong we can Cleanse our system and Organs of Toxic qi, boosting our Immune system and fortifying a stronger constitution into old age. 

It is the bone marrow that is at the core of our structural body, creating our immune system and keeping us strong. With bone marrow Qigong we learn to Direct our Cultivated Qi, right into the core of the Bone Marrow, and wrapping it around the bones, building strength.

Boosting each of the 5 Element Qualities in the Body with Meditations, Visualisations, understanding of Diet and how to Purge and release old Qi before brining in the new fresh Qi. Then circulating it through the Meridians, Training it to be smooth and Balanced, 

Understanding directly how the body is made up of these 5 Elements and Using the qualities of Excess of Deficient for each element, learn how to Balance them. In Qigong the Spiritual focus is to Balance the 5 Element system, when we achieve this we can achieve balance and great focus in Life



                                                5 Elements Qigong form


  1. Loosening and Activating the Qi and the Tissues

  2. Flushing and Cleansing the Meridians

  3. Circulating and Directing Qi through the Meridians

  4. Enhancing and Energising the Qi

  5. Integrating and Regulating the Wi into the system.


                                               Qigong Practices

  • 5 Element Qigong Practise - 5 Element Qigong Forms, 25 moves integrating all 5 elements

  • Cultivating Middle Dantean

  • Bone Marrow Qigong - Drawing Qi directly into the marrow of the bones, strengthening bones and immune system

  • 5 Element Fists for Martial Strength and Personal Power - Boost up all 5 Element with explosive power movements.

  • Qi Saturation - Boost and Saturate your body Tissues with Qi.

  • Electric and Magnetic Energy Lines - The Energetic Boost to all the forms

  • 5 Element Circle Walking Sets - Cultivate 5 Element Qualities through walking practice.

  • 5 Element Standing - Understanding and cultivate all 5 Elements through static postures.

  • 5 Element Breathing and Stress response - Learn 5 Breath qualities of how each element type responds to stress.

  • Absorbing Qi from Nature - Directly connect and absorb life giving Qi from plants, Trees and other Nature sources.

  • Meridian Qigong - Learn and Circulate Qi through the entire meridian system.

  • Breath Kriya Qigong - Study the Breath in 4 Different parts, studying and cultivating each area to give a deeper understanding of Breath.

  • 6 Direction Centring - Profoundly Center yourself into your true personal axis.

  • Emotional Purging - Release deep seated Toxic emotional patterns.




  • 5 Elements System - Complete overview of 5 Element System and how to use it in your Practice.

  • 5 Element Psychology - Understand how to use the 5 Element System to Balance the Psyche

  • 24 Hours Qi Clock - Understand the rhythms of your Qi flow and how to Balance

  • Meridians and Organs - Learn each meridian and their correspondent organ.

  • Organ Relationships - Understand the entire Organ system and each relationship

  • 5 Element Diet - Understand the 5 Flavors and how they effect each Organs and influence them with specific diet.

  • Understanding and Balancing your Qi - How to use all the information learned so far to understand and Balance our Qi Field.




  • • 5 Element Meditations - Meditating and Cultivating each Element Quality.

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