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LifeForce Qigong

What is Qigong

Qigong is an ancient practice that has it’s roots in China, India and the Western world. It’s very name ‘Qigong’ is a invitation into 2 qualities. 1. ‘Qi’, our Bio - Energetic System, our life energy and ‘Gong’, to practice and cultivate.

Everything in life has it’s foundations in Energy. When connect and practice at the energetic level we enter into the very blueprint of who we are and how we function. Every pathogen and trauma, every breath we take has it’s roots in Energy.

So when we smooth out the flow of our Bio-energy, harmonise and balance our life-force, we cultivate a more refined way and deeper understanding of the way we live our lives.

What is Life-Force Qigong

Life force Qigong is a vibrant, life transforming system of Bio-Energetic Practice. It has been created through many years of research and study to produce a system designed to open, align and free the body and Bio - energetic meridian system and organs of residual tensions, deep trauma, stress related symptoms and disease, realigning the Core structure of the Body, strengthening the bones, Muscles and Fascia, and giving a integrated understanding of our own Life-Force Energy, through graceful flowing Qigong forms, Energetic meditations, Breath techniques and a Journey into the 5 Element System.

LifeForce Qigong is a integral Bio-Energetic system of Spiritual practises and self-cultivation. Incorporating qigong techniques, yogic practises, and contemporary self-transformational tools.

Through 3 Treasures


Jing, Qi, Shen

Trained within 4 modules


5 Elements

Dynamic QiFlow


We cultivate the 4 Qualities of Existence




Connection to spirit




The first and most fundamental point of any system is health, as health is a the foundation of everything we do as human beings. Without good health we easily become sick, we have no zest for life and little inspiration to grow.

Health from a wholistic perspective is not just a healthy body, but a healthy mind with balanced healthy emotions and a strong connection to the life energy that flows through our bodies.



When we are healthy we are happy to be here in our bodies, happy to be on this planet, no matter how bad or good things seem to be. We are cultivating a quality that we, in our lives, have a deep respect and gratitude, that this life is a precious gift, something to be deeply experienced and tasted. When we are connected to this gift then we are happy to be here it inspires the desire for life extension, as a feeling of happy to be here and happy to carry on being here. Excited about the potential of our unfolding nature into the future. 

In that part of our cultivation inspires longevity, life extension to carry on this existence in this healthy body for as long as we can take a breath.



Awareness can be seen as the totality of everything that is us as sensitive feeling human beings. It is the ground plane to all conscious possibilities, as a vessel that is whole and complete.

Consciousness is like a torch light in a room full of objects we can become conscious of this and that, of organic food or of the quality of our breath. Infinite possibilities of qualities to become conscious of. Each one requires us to look and understand it's qualities, pulling us into that quality and often loosing sight of other qualities.

Like a child running into a room screaming and grabbing the attention of everyone.

Pure awareness is inclusive of everything all at the same time outside of any singular thoughts or experiences.

When we hold old traumas or other pathological imprints in the senses, our body can limit the depth of awareness we have in any of our sense organs, limiting our eyes we we want to protect from not wanting to see deeply into life. Reducing our capacity to hear when we are triggered by noises around us. Limiting smell when old traumatic imprints are held within smell that we don’t want to remember. 



Connection to spirt

When we move into a deeper more subtle connection to ourselves and the universe, we move from a physical world into the energetic world that is the very essence of all existence. We come to directly know that we are made of energy, and everything around us is also that energy. This connects us deep to the source of our non separateness, of the divine within and around us in every moment.

Leading to a more profound connection to true health, opening us deeper into our awareness, inspiring our existence, in this body in this lifetime.

Yoga - Swara - Self Shining - shining the inner light

Mìngyùn -  the personal destiny, in which mìng  is "life"  defines "circumstance" and "individual choice"; mìng is given and influenced by the transcendent force Tiān the "divine right". Personal destiny being open, to individual choice.

Walking the Path of the Heart,dissolving the resistance to allowing our Swara to shine, allows the rvery eason, to be here our Destiny to unfold in this lifetime.

Foundation Qigong Mandala

5 Elements Qigong Mandala

Dynamic QiFlow Qigong


Unification Qigong