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Centred in Pure Presence; Everything and Nothing

Sai Calder

Creator and Founder of LifeForce Qigong



Sai has been studying and working with the body and it’s energy system, in relation to health, medicine and spiritual practice  for over 30 years.

His journey to self-discovery started at a young age of 13 when he as a teenager shared precious time with a Benedictine monk who taught philosophy and planted the seeds for a spiritual practice in Sai. At 17 his star connected him with a Daoist master, 'Master Choy' who introduced him to the principles and techniques of the philosophy and practises. Traveling for the first time to India in 1996, he would dive in the Qigong, yoga and Meditation world. Spending 20 years in India, Thailand, Bali and Malasia, Studying with many teachers in many different forms of Qigong, Yoga and Meditation.

These encounters would aligned him at a very tender age with his dharma. «For as long as I can remember I was always watching and feeling the energy patterns of how life was working, of how people communicated to each other and themselves», says Sai. His studies evolved to learn Qigong, Dynamic Yoga, Yin FascialYoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, Functional Fascia Training, Chinese Medicine, Inner Wisdom Pathworking.

Sai's focus is to align all parts of who we are as human beings, physical, energetic, psychological, emotional and spiritual into a unified whole. From Daoist understanding, is the path of the heart, which allows us to become the Truth of who we are in this lifetime.

In Sai´s words:

“My passion is deepening the unfolding connection to life, through health, awareness, connection to spirit and longevity. I believe our short, precious time on this planet is to be celebrated, by cultivating through, our own personal truth, the light that shines within each of us and shining it out to the world.”

LifeForce Qigong is the Integration and fruition of 25 years of studying and embodying the Sacred practises of the East and West, now taught in over 15 countries around the world, from Brazil to Singapore.