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Dynamic QiFlow Qigong



Dynamic Flow Training

In this module we take our Qigong Practice into both a deeper Yang Flow and deeper Yin Nurturing practice. Dynamic QiFlow Qigong incorporates elements of spiral movements, 5 Elements Qigong and classical Yoga postures to align, strengthen and open the body. Creating higher levels of Qi which are directed into dynamic fascial Qigong movement, allowing us to feel strength and fluidity through lightness and dynamism.

The Spiral conditioning is a powerful way to strengthen the joints, tissues and meridians of the body. It incorporates a full spectrum of moment through the Fascia, opening strong vortex of energy in the body, dissolving on the deepest level, tensions and pathogenic patterns stuck in the body. We take this further into Walking the Circle, holding postures, building our energy fields, through dynamic stepping.

5 Element Dao Yin takes us into the Yin side of our practice, where we hold longer deeper forms, sitting and lying down. Guiding and leading Qi around the meridians.


Converting our life energy into ‘Ying Qi’, the Qi that nurtures the tissues and meridians, expanding the Ying Qi, converting it into "Wei Qi', the external protective layer of Qi, cultivating a strong healthy foundation for more Yang practises. Directing our attention into softness and strength we build fascia strength and power with Tendon Qigong in a specific set of release and tension movements, directing the rising levels of Qi to specific points around the microcosmic orbit.

Through this whole module we will learn how to incorporate dynamic strength through softness, an important practice to bring Qigong into powerful movements and flows, whilst staying open and boosting our energy


Qigong Practices

  • Dynamic QiFlow Qigong Sequence

  • Spiral Qigong conditioning

  • 5 Element Dao Yin

  • Circle Walking

  • 2nd 8 Qualities Practice

  • Tendon Qigong Form

  • Fascial Decompression Cupping



  • Spiral Energetics

  • What is Dao Yin

  • Fascia release

  • Dynamic Qi Flow

  • Transformation of Qi

  • 5 Element Acupressure Point Release

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