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‘Foundation Qigong’



Module 1 Training

Is specifically orientated to Realign and strengthen our physical Body and Bio-Energy System. This is a process where we dissolve blockages from the joints Fascia and tissues of the body using specific set Qigong practices, clearly taught to each student for maximum understanding.

Through Lectures we will look closely into what is Qigong, how does it work and how can we use it as a practise and in our lives. We learn the foundation of what is qigong through lectures, physical practices and energetic meditations. We learn how to sense and feel the moving Qi through the body and potentiate this with sensitivity exercises.

We understand how to form the 8 Qualities of Qi within our movements, Raising, Lowering, Opening, Closing, Gathering, Dispersing, Entering and Storing.

Looking into the nature of breath and the different Qualities of Qigong Breathing with, Embryonic Breathing, 5 Gates Breathing and Skin Breathing.

Using Specifically designed sets to strengthen the Tendons, Joints and Fascia. Leaning a Complete forms of Foundation Qigong. All the way through you will be learning how to Increase, Gather, Balance, Transform and Store the Qi. Understanding Mindfulness in relation to Qigong to open us up to the sensitive world of Qi which is constantly fluctuating through and around all of us in every moment.

We will look at how to locate, understand and build Qi in the Body, how to circulate and Store for later use or to boost the immune system.

All practices are a safe complete foundation to strengthening our Bodies and Building up our reserves of Potential Energy

Qigong Practices

  • Balling the Ball - Connect to and directly feeling Qi

  • Cultivating Lower Dantien

  • Dissolving Qi Blockages - Dissolving the energetic Blockages in the Joints and Tissues 

  • Joint Conditioning - Opening and Strengthening the joints 

  • 8 Qualities of Qi - Build and cultivate the 8 qualities of Opening, Closing, Raising, Lowering, Gathering, Entering, Dispersing and Storing Qi.

  • Tuning the Fascia - Working Deep into the Triple Burner and Fascia, releasing Tension and Building Energy.

  • Oceanic Spine - Work from the Core Spine, opening the deep Fascia, releasing old blockages.

  • Shaking - Specific shaking sets to release tensions and blockages

  • Patting and Dredging - Condition the Fascia, strengthen the energy system and purge toxic Qi.

  • Sensitivity Training - Boost your listening and sensing Abilities

  • Foundation Standing Practice - Align your whole structure with Direct Bio-Tensegrity Intergration.

  • Foundation Qigong Set - Complete 8 movement Foundation Qigong Set for boosting and opening your Qi Body.

  • MicroCosmic Orbit - Circulate the Qi you cultivated through the Qi reservoirs of your body, taking Qi into your immune system and organs.

  • Embryonic Breathing - Center yourself, calm your mind and learn how to gather and centre your Qi use your breath and Lower Dantien. (Energy Center)

  • 5 Gates Breathing - Deepen your understanding of Qi and Breath as we start to breath thee Qi in through 5 Opening in the Body.

  • Skin Breathing - Use your whole skin and feel ll your pores opening and closing using your skin to Breath.


  • What is Qigong - Complete Foundation to What is, How to Cultivate, How to Use and integrate Qigong in Your life.

  • 3 Treasures - The 3 Levels that bind all life together, Jing - Essence and physical health. Qi - Bio-Energy. Shen - connection to your Vital Spirit

  • What is Qi - Feeling Qi, understanding it's qualities and how to work with it and use it.

  • Qi and Fascia - Learning the relationships of Qi and Fascia to produce a stronger Life-Force Energy.

  • 3 Dantiens - The 3 main energy centres in the Body, Lower, Middle and Upper Dantiens.

  • 4 Steps of Potential - Method of Locating Qi, Sticking to Qi, Building Qi and Becoming Qi

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