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Future Trainings

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August 30th


Spiral Dynamic


Online Training

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October 12 - 18, 2020


Module 3

Dynamic QiFlow

Dynamic QiFlow Qigong incorporates elements of spiral movements, 5 Elements Qigong and classical Yoga postures to align, strengthen and open the body. Creating higher levels of Qi which are directed into dynamic fascial Qigong movement, allowing us to feel strength and fluidity through lightness and dynamism.

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Oct 28th - Nov 5th 2020

5 Elemental Spirits Qigong

Online Course

Study Qigong, using the 5 Elements System, Organ system and Meridians. Understanding through detailed lectures each of the meridians and organs and their qualities and how they interact. It is in the organs that the deepest deposits of Toxicity and old Trauma are held. With the Qigong we can Cleanse our system and Organs of Toxic qi, boosting our Immune system and fortifying a stronger constitution into old age.