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Unification Qigong



This profound level takes you deeper into your own personal transformation and open our practice into all 3 worlds, Physical, subtle and causal. Opening the Upper dantien and through the crown to open to our higher spirit, the ’Shen’.

We advance the microcosmic into the macrocosmic orbit, flowing energy through all the channels of the body. This opens up deeper layers of our energy, creating a feeling of wholeness and connection to everything and everyone.

The 3 worlds standing is a profound practice that unites all parts of our being, grounding us into the centre of the planet, aligning us with our truth, flowering our inner light to dissolve the resistance to being in our truth, whilst allowing it to flower into this lifetime. Opening all 3 Dantiens, (energy Fields), creating a Divine feeling and direct understanding of unification to the Divine.

The 8 Vessels are reseviours of energy that are the core to our ancestral inheritance, the deepest level of inherited trauma and pathology. With the 8 Vessels Qigong, we open these in a specific sequence, dissolving on the deepest level inherited pathology, reclaiming our blueprint for existence, opening to deeper levels of Bliss in this lifetime. When we are happy to be in our bodies, when we are happy to be on this planet, a whole world of profound possibilities opens to us.

With this deep connection to energy we learn how to channel this energy into self healing and healing of other. Learning how to feel when there is energetic blockages in the body and how to directly clear them using our life-energy.

Looking deeply into mindfulness and how it relates to Qigong, how to incorporate it into the practice and understand the direct benefits that it creates within our practice.

At this level we open and connect to the deepest aspects of who we are in this lifetime, understand them and gain the knowledge of how to cultivate them.


                                               Qigong Practices

  • Shen Gong - High Vibration Qigong . Qi circulation in the Upper Dantien

  • Macrocosmic Orbit - Circulate energy through the entire Body.

  • Qi Healing, for self and others

  • 3 Worlds Standing Practice

  • Core Star Meditation

  • Opening the Psychic Channels Breathing

  • 8 Vessels Qigong

  • Moving into Akasha

  • Mindfulness

  • Vibrational Mantra Practice

  • Pranic Healing

  • White Skeleton Practice

  • Absorbing Qi from Nature

  • White Pillar Qigong

  • Violet Flame



  • 8 Vessels and embryology

  • Pranic Healing

  • Mindfulness

  • Absorbing Qi from Nature

  • White Light 

  • Vibrational Medicine

  • Shen Gong

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